Haroldo Jacobovicz Impacting Business Ventures Through Information Technology

Meet Haroldo Jacobovicz, chairman and founder of Horizons Telecom Brazil’s most respected telecommunications contractor that exclusively utilizes optic fiber network, advanced technology, and multipoint redundancy. Haroldo Jacobovicz, the alumnus of the Federal University of Panama, launched his career as a civil engineer and was fascinated by the capabilities around information technology and its ability to drive innovations and transform the world.

The hands-on entrepreneur also established the Horizons Datacenter to facilitate cloud technology solutions and heightened connectivity to enhance efficiency in organizations and businesses. The visionary leader believes that technology and entrepreneurship should work in tandem.

Growing up, Haroldo Jacobovicz was inspired and mentored by his parents, who served as Brazilian civil engineers. The inspiration and vigor to innovate and build things from the idea stage to the launch of the product in the emerging field have propelled his desire to provide quality products and services at Horizon Telecom. Haroldo Jacobovicz facilitated the acquisition of Onda, an internet service provider, which subsequently hastened the takeoff of Horizons Datacenter services in 2020. The fervid enterpriser passion for transforming the service delivery in the public agencies enthused him to establish the E-Governe Group, which primarily focuses on availing cohesive and comprehensive solutions to city halls across Brazil.

Under Jacobovicz, Horizon Telecom delivers multifaceted information technology solutions to diverse industries providing data management and storage, internet connectivity, voice solutions, and backup support. With over three decades of experience in information technology, cloud computing solutions, and an advanced network infrastructure, Haroldo has rooted his commitment to fast-track modern-day digitization.

Business mogul Jacobovicz attributes the success of Horizon Telecom to its quality, prime service delivery, and the company’s ability to evolve with the changing technological innovations. In addition, the industrialist advises the young talented individuals to focus on self-improvement and create a lifelong commitment to talent development and admirable work ethic. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s: Facebook Page.