Dr Tom Chang’s Time Saving Innovation

Dr. Tom Chang is a well-known Ophthalmologist with years of experience in researching and treating ocular diseases. His career in eye health spans numerous literary publications and lectures in universities and professional workshops worldwide. Tom Chang MD has been on the cutting edge of technology more than once, innovating new treatment methods and practice to help his patients look after their eyes. In his many years of practice, he has observed and identified valuable traits and habits that can help improve patient care.


Recently, Dr. Tom Chang MD has managed to innovate a new piece of technology designed to make eye exams less daunting for his clients. This new technology is modelled to replace the age-old process of eye dilation that most eye care specialists use to view the internal state of a patient’s eye. According to Tom Chang MD, to do dilation requires eye drops to be administered to the patient’s eye long before the actual exam to expand the pupil. Dr. Tom Chang knows that many patients don’t like this procedure and generally use their discomfort as an excuse to avoid the eye exam. 


To remedy this problem, Dr. Tom Chang and his team at Acuity Eye Group have developed the Acuity 360 Advanced Vision Center; they use technology to create images of the eye for procedures that traditionally require dilation. The intention is to speed up the whole eye exam while quickly identifying in-depth conditions before they turn into disease. This new non-invasive procedure implemented by Tom Chang MD at Acuity Eye Group is friendlier to the patients, encouraging them to make regular appointments and show up. It also allows doctors to provide critical eye care in a stress-free environment since their patients no longer avoid the old lengthy exams.

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