Amazing Things about Peter Vitale of Bloomfield Insurance Group

Peter Vitale, a southeast Michigan Native, is a Michigan-based insurance consultant. He is a small business owner, an entrepreneur, and founder of Bloomfield Insurance Group LLC. His reputation has been created over time as he has helped small and medium-sized businesses to move to greater heights. Peter has excellent skills in handling insurance and consultation matters to both individuals and agencies. Most of the agencies have consulted him whenever there seems to be a cease of customer increase, and he, in turn, can train the staff on how to retrieve lost customers.

Mr. Peter first opened up his Allstate insurance firm in 2016 after working for an Allstate insurance firm for two years. His sphere in consultancy was further sharpened when he began his firm. While working for an Allstate agency, he delved into his career and gained the required expertise. During the period holding the position of Executive Account Manager, Peter Vitale handled all the Allstate customers from Michigan city well, which helped him gain vast awards in the industry. To mention, Peter won two awards within the year 2014, and that was encouraging. The “Miami Heat” qualifier was the first award he received as the same year he got recognized, and this earned him a North Central Region Ring, which was an accolade to show how he used his skills to keep the Allstate customers in the specified field.

Working for the two years helped Mr. Peter Vitale of Michigan venture, and that’s the first time he thought of a consultancy firm he opened up. In his new venture, his company Bloomfield Group received an award of the fastest growing insurance firm of the year. Most agencies can be seen to bloom after their failure through Peter’s Mentorship through the knowledge he had in the insurance industry.