Affordable Solar Energy for Everyone

Solar energy is sustainable, clean, and contributes to environmental protection. That said, many people may raise concerns over the development of technology when not everyone can afford it. The regular working-class population may find solar panels expensive. Therefore, the sure-fire solution to this is to acquire solar panels through leasing. That way, anyone can develop this technology to enjoy financial freedom. Under the guidance of Thomas Neyhart, Posigen CEO, the enterprise is working towards making this technology accessible to all Americans. For this to work, they’ve created a unique financial model that works for everyone, regardless of their budget. 


PosiGen solar power company CEO Thomas Neyhart truly believes that the new financial model will enable many families to manage their overall energy costs. Only the wealthy could buy these panels, but the ones who needed them most couldn’t afford them. The PosiGen enterprise is now a game-changer, providing solar energy for everyone who needs it. The Posigen CEO Thomas Neyhart has made a difference by ensuring that customer’s homes are a safe place to live in, making sure that customers live better lives. With 14,000 customers to date, we have a proven track record. 


The PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart reiterates that PosiGen is on a mission to save customers more money. That will enable them to have substantial financial freedom and reduce bills in half. Anyone can get a solar panel, as long as the calculations show that it will help control your energy costs. Further, the Posigen CEO promises that the company will provide a non-FICO-based lease if they’re sure you’ll create significant solar energy savings. 

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