A Glimpse into Ross Levinsohn Decades-Long Career

Ross LevinsohnRegarded as a prominent figure in the corporate realm, Ross Levinsohn is a natural-born businessman whose savvy and ingenuity have taken him far. His career is defined by tremendous success, ongoing triumph, and exceeding accomplishments. Fortunately, he continues to offer his expertise to the business sphere, which has allowed several companies to thrive. Fox Interactive Media, Guggenheim Digital Media, and Thryv are among a few. Currently, Levinsohn works as the CEO of Maven.

Before establishing himself as a titan of industry, Ross Levinsohn worked for HBO, CBS SportsLine, and AltaVista. Using these opportunities, Levinsohn honed his research and management skills. As a result, he became versed in the nuances of leadership. With that said, he quickly evolved into a powerhouse. Before long, Levinsohn was at the helm of numerous corporations.

As the CEO, president, and general manager of multiple companies, Levinsohn proved his competence time and again. It’s for this reason why Levinsohn remains a sought-after member of his trade. After 20 years of immersing himself in business waters, Levinsohn decided to switch gears. With this bold decision came great success, and in 2014, Levinsohn created his own strategic advisory firm.

Whisper Advisors seeks to arm founders and executives with the know-how they need to make sound business choices. With Levinsohn’s unmatched expertise, he flourishes in this position. Following this entrepreneurial endeavor, Levinsohn wanted to make even greater strides in his career. Thanks to his unwavering ambition, Levinsohn went on to work for Boston Consulting Group, Sports Illustrated, and Tribune Publishing.

As of eight months ago, Levinsohn became the newest executive to join Maven’s operations. Given his insight into digital marketing, media relations, television production, and content acquisition, Levinsohn was a shoo-in for the role of CEO. These days, you’ll find Levinsohn expanding his horizons through investment opportunities. With his shrewd understandings and immense knowledge, Ross Levinsohn will undoubtedly succeed in all that he pursues.